Manga Productions Unveils World’s Largest Grendizer Statue, Achieves Guinness World Record

RIYADH December 15: Manga Productions (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) announced that it has unveiled the world’s largest statue of “UFO Robo Grendizer” in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.

Prior to the unveiling of the statue, Manga Productions signed a strategic partnership agreement with Dynamic Kikaku Co., Ltd. (Tokyo) regarding the IP licensing of “UFO Robo Grendizer”, including the use of characters in games, amusement facilities and events in the Middle East. The agreement was concluded, and as the first initiative, the Grendizer statue was co-produced with Saudi Arabia’s Sera.
This “Grendizer” statue has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest metal sculpture of a fictional character.

Since its opening on November 21, more than 300,000 tourists and media personnel from all over the world have visited Boulevard World, where the 33.7m-tall Grendizer statue has risen.

Manga Productions CEO Isamu Bukhari said, “Since anime is effective in revitalizing events and sightseeing spots targeting domestic and foreign tourists, ‘UFO Robo Grendizer’ is the most popular in the world both inside and outside the region. Starting with the statue, it will lead to the enhancement of all kinds of entertainment.
MThe “UFO Robot Grendizer” project is an important milestone in the business field of Manga Productions, so we are really looking forward to realizing this partnership, which will be an unparalleled entertainment experience for all “UFO Robot Grendizer” fans. I was there. We have already formed partnerships with multiple Japanese companies on various projects. ” commented.

Kazuhiro Nagai, Executive Vice President of Dynamic Kikaku Co., Ltd. said, “We are delighted to have been certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest metal sculpture of a fictional character, ‘UFO Robot Grendizer’. We will continue to hold events in the Middle East with Manga Productions. I would like to work hard to develop entertainment through

Abdulaziz Al-Nagmusi, Director of Marketing, Distribution and Business Development at Manga Productions said, “The launch of the Grendizer statue in the heart of Riyadh will bring Manga Productions’ licensing, distribution and marketing capabilities to the highest level. and we are pleased with the qualitative leap forward in the licensing and distribution field.
We create outstanding opportunities in Saudi Arabia’s creative industry. ” commented.

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Manga Productions is ambitious in producing animations and video games with the aim of communicating Saudi Arabian culture to the world through outstanding content. The company produces content focusing on various themes to nurture the talents of Saudi and Arab youth and instill good values ​​and morals in the younger generation.