Hi World, Gunjap Interviews today with Aor_or_Die !!!

2Hi World, Gunjap Interviews today with Aor_or_Die !!!

Gunjap InterviewsHi World, Gunjap Interviews today with Aor_or_Die. Let’s Start!

[G: Gunjap]
[A: Aor_or_Die]

G – Who is Aor_or_Die in the Gunpla Modelers World? And where do you come from?

A – I am Omar Zampetti but people know by Aor_or_Die on the forums.I am from Rome, Italy and I am just a guy who loves to build models and play with plastics.

G – When did you start building Gunpla?
And when did you made your first Custom?

A – I’m a Gundam Fan Since when I was a child, but I started to building only 2005, after a job trip in Japan where I discovered the gundam’s universe. My first kit was an RX-78 ver Ka and it was a gift from my japanese’s colleagues.

I first modified a kit back in 2008 using a 1/100 Kampfer and a 1/100 zaku for a diorama. It entered at BAKUC 2008.

G – Do you have some inspiration for your creations?

A – Obviously yes!!!! I love stuff from Seira Masuo, Kenny Lim aka Toymaker, DC23, Raymond Loke aka Rayloke and the guys from Infinite Creations gang.

G – After you have finished snap-fitting a model, from where do you start to mod it?

A – Well, usually I started from head and after I spent a lot of time on the Torso area and shoulders. After that I start to work on shirt and legs. I don’t like the Bandai’s proportions, so I always do height extensions on legs and torso. At last I finish with backpacks and weapons.

3G – What do you think about Gunpla in all the World? modelers, attitude, modelers behavior etc..

A – Gunpla is a fantastic and fun hobby. I have more friends in other countries than I do here at home because of Gunpla and it’s amazing to spend my time with them during my Asia’s trip and share with them our tricks.

G – What do you think about GBWC Event?

A – I think the GBWC is the best great event around the world.It’s good for encourage newcomers to participate to modify their gunpla, and allows to the best gunpla builders around the world to show their kits. Unfortunately I have stopped joining since 2008 because We had a rule in the Italy that if you have placed 1st in Bakuc contest, you are no longer allowed to join the Open Category. But now the rules are changed so maybe next year….


G – Please some advices for modelers that wanna start building a gunpla for the very first time!

A – I suggest them to don’t be afraid to try new tecnique. I learned from my mistake and I’m sure that I will make other in future, but it’s the only way to improve my skills. So guys enjoy the hobby and remember that it’s only plastic!!!!

G – Have you a Website/Blog to show your Works?

A – Yes I have a blog.You can find it here:

G – Future Projects?

A – After working on my Elyn Hobby – 1/100 KS-6 “KASTRYSHA” for seven months now I started to work on a Gerbera tetra resin kit. But this is only a relax work, because after that I’ll start to working for my “BAKUC OLD MEN Group Build” project together with DC23 of Philippines, Matt Tomczek of the US and Raymond Loke of Malaysia.

1G – Many Thanks to Aor_or_Die for this Interview ;-)
See You soon for the next!

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