G-System 1/35 MSA-0011{Ext} “Ex-S” Full MS Mode [Ver.2.0]: 2000 pieces! Price US$2,517 Full review No.96 Images

1G-System 1/35 MSA-0011{Ext} “Ex-S” Full MS Mode [Ver.2.0]:

2000 pieces! Price US$2,517

Full review No.96 Images

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G-System 1/35 MSA-0011{Ext} “Ex-S” Full MS Mode [Ver.2.0]

(1)(2)Full leg is supported internally by a 25x12mm rectangular metal bar at full length 420mm. It is to support the weight of the leg and the wide open angle of 2 legs (800mm apart). This also eliminate the need of external support for the legs. Each leg is made of 204 parts.
(3) Thigh has been lengthen by 30mm. Width and depth has also been adjusted accordingly. Stronger lower part can provide greater support for the upper body.
(4) Rich patterns are added to the lower legs. There are 3 main types repair hatches, total 125 doors on all over the body. Will show you open hatches mode in the future.
(5) We didn’t forget about the Shoe sole, a lot of details and patterns have been added to it.
(6) Light beam sabers on the hip side has been enlarged by 25mm x 10mm. This is to balance the lengthen legs.
(7) Based on the original design by Katoki, extra components have been added at the back of the hip. Because of this, the hip has been enlarged by 10mm in length and width.
(8) Behind the knees, it is in fact a large light box. We attached silver suface gummed paper to increase the reflective effect on the LED built inside.
(9) Sense of depth of the knees are strengthen. Metal parts are added next to “INCOM” components.
(10) Steel bearing balls are added to the hip side in order to give it a more realistic look.

(11) Full arm is supported internally by metal bar to provide great posting support. We have added great details and layers to the arms as well.
(12) Forearm armors are re-designed with enhanced details.
(13) Original details are maintained under the forearm.
(14) Shoulder base are constructed by multi-color cast. We applied magnets to attach the outer blue armors to it.
(15) With lots of metal parts on the shoulder, you will see a more realistic look of the shoulder.
(16) Propellant tank is supported by 4 @5mm metal bars.
(17) Side wings are extendable. Fully extended length is 415mm. Normal length is 360mm. We also added self-contained blinking LED parts (battery, switch and LED) into the wings.
(18), (19) Based on our 1/100 design, the Propellant tank has been added with new patterns and details.
(20) Connectors on the shoulder to the side wings have also been enhanced.
(21) Metal bearing balls are added to the shoulder in order to provide a more realistic look.
(22) Inside the shoulder, you will see 2 giant metallic HYDRAULIC ARMS. An iconic design of Ex-S.

(23) Cheeks of the head has been thicken and lengthen to lower position of the head. This produces a clearer outlook of the face.
(24) Tip of the mouth has been shorten and allow more space to expose the nose. The face is more mask like now.
(25) Wires of the LEDs at the front and from the back are linked together to a single plug for connection to the base at the neck.
(26) Armor at the chest are wide open to show more mechanics.
(27) If you see from the back of the chest, you will see the full mechanics inside it.
(28) When the shoulder connectors are open, you will see massive mechanics connected to those in the chest.
(29) We added large LED at the cockpit.
(30) Lots of details have been added to the air discharge duct of the chest, including fan, metal parts and photo-etch blades.

(31) The burners of core-fighter are made of G-System electroplated plastic. It carries metal free by itself without painting.
(32) Inside the exhaust of core-fighter, we maintain the original fan design.
(33) The special design re-chargeable battery and power transformer is powerful enough to provide powers to the LEDs for several hours.
(34) We made the main wings based on 1/100 MG Ex-S. The signal lights are self-powered. It contains the LED, LR41 battery and on/off switch internally.
(35) Wires handing outside the body are to be connected to the legs and back pack.
(36) Cockpit is open and close like design with moving arms hidden inside.
(37) The empty abdomen is large enough for storing the battery.
(38) The back plate has been re-designed with lots of details.
(39)(40) When you look at the side of the cockpit, you will see lots of details and patterns added to enhance the outlook.
(41) When charging is required, remove the small armour and plug in the charger.
(42) We added lots of details into the shoulder hinge.

(43) The Beam Smartgun is made of 66 multi-color cast.
(44) The monitoring disc has built-in LED. Wires are connected to the main body of the SmartGun.
(45) When you look at the side of the gun, you will see wires on the top for connecting the monitoring disc. The wires below are for the power source from the Ex-S body.
(46) Power wires are 18mm silver white weaves based on the original design. If it was soaked in grey color, the effect will be much better.
(47) At the end of the Beam Smartgun, we reserved space for the photo-etch to show a more realistic look.
(48) New layers of details are added to both side of the Beam Smartgun.
(49) Springs are added to the tip of the Beam Smartgun.

Product codes : GS-280
Overall height : 125cm
Head height : 94cm
Shoulder width : 66cm
Overall depth : 119cm ( when the tail stabilizer has been stretched )
Kit weight : 42.5 kgs
No. of R2 “Red” resin parts : 21 pcs.
No. of Y1 “Yellow” resin parts : 51 pcs.
No. of B3 “Blue” resin parts : 93 pcs.
No. of W1 “Pure-White” resin parts : 199 pcs.
No. of W2 “Grey-White” resin parts : 12 pcs.
No. of G2 “Medium-Grey” resin parts : 68 pcs.
No. of G3 “Heavy-Grey” resin parts : 308 pcs.
No. of G4 “Dark-Grey” resin parts : 114 pcs.
No. of G5 “Blue-Grey” resin parts : 81 pcs.
No. of S1 “Silver” resin parts : 267 pcs.
No. of clear resin parts : 24 pc.
No. of heat pressed clear parts : 21 pc.
Dark iron coated alluminium-made burners : 4 groups
Basic-coated alluminium-made parts : 233 pcs.
Alluminium tube & rods : 9 pcs.
No. of polycap joints : 48 pcs.
Plastic rod : 1 pc. ( Ø5mm x 110mm )
Silver coated copper-made pins : 64 pcs.
No. of spring : 2 pcs. ( Ø6 x 80mm ;Ø8 x 200mm )
No. of steel bearings : 36 pcs. ( Ø3 x 3mm x 20 pcs.ï¼›Ø5 x 5mm x 16 pcs. )
No. of strip magnets : 14 pcs.
Special weavings : 1 pc. ( Ø16mm x 100mm )
Copper rod : 1 pc. (Ø1 x 90mm)
No. of hexa-screws : 177 pcs.
No. of rubber cord : 2 pcs ( Ø5 x 150mmï¼›Ø6 x 200mm )
No. of LED components : LED x 53 / 3.6V 1200mAH Ni-MH Battery x 1 / Recharger x 1 / Band switch x 3 / DC jet / base x 15 / LR41 Batttery x 8
o. of photo etch : 10 pcs
No. of A4 sized water decal sheet : 8 pcs
No. of 4R photos : 3 pcs.

Customised Model Stand

Overall diameter of the 3-arm stand : 780mm
Diameter of the core main base : 190mm
Height of the core main base : 96mm
Length of individual standing foot : 330mm
Assembled length of the chief supporting rod : 980mm
Overall packaging weight : 5.2 kgs
No. of basic resin parts : 7 pcs.
No. of G3 medium gray resin parts : 1 pc.
No. of P.O.M. cast parts : 3 pcs.
No. of metal mini add-on parts : 12 pcs.
Needle roller bearings ( Ø33mm ) with inner ring: 1 pc.
No. of solid alluminium rods ( all Ø20mm ) : 5 pcs.
( 490mm x 2, 215mm x 1, 260mm x 1, 62mm x 1 )
No. of hex-screws ( all Ø4mm ) : 15 pcs.
( 20mm x 9, 30mm x 6 )
4R product photos : 1 pc.