Hi World, Gunjap Interviews today with Dicky MA Tai Ho !!!

2014 trophyHi World, Gunjap Interviews today with Dicky MA Tai Ho !!!

Gunjap InterviewsHi World, Gunjap Interviews today with Dicky MA Tai Ho !!! Let’s Start!

[G: Gunjap]
[D: Dicky MA Tai Ho]

G – Who is Dicky MA Tai Ho in the Gunpla Modelers World? And where do you come from?

D – This is Dicky MA Tai Ho, MA is my family name and I particularly use both capital letter! I come from Hong Kong, a great place for cultural exchange! I did join Gunpla contest since 2006! Luckily, during the past years, I was awarded both the HK Champion in Junior/Youth/Open Categories!

I am honored that my story was appreciated by The HK Polytechnic University as well as HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund, which gave me scholarship with regard to my modeling development! Also I was reported by the media in HK, giving me the chance to introduce Gunpla to more people!

G – When did you start building Gunpla?
And when did you made your first Custom?

D – In 2005, when Gundam Seed was shown in TV Channel in HK! To be specific, I was attracted by (MG) Freedom Gundam! No matter the scale, shape and use of colour, all are just too perfect to me that time! (You must build one if you don’t LOL)!
I would say, Wing Gundam Ver. MA in 2006 was my first “Custom”, with my own style. Indeed that’s my first kit for competition! I tried to create the “Angel” in my mind, with my favourite colour scheme, and most importantly – the “Victory Pose” (You can see nearly all my works are set with that standard pose XD)!

2007Yet, I would say my first attempt of “Modification” was in 2007. Modifications was made to MG Hi-Nu Gundam, yet no finished product in the end LOL (that time I mistakenly broke a lot of parts, so finally no baby was born)! And I should introduce White Tiger (in 2007) to all of you, it’s my first finished mod kit (the mixture of MG Zaku Ver. 2.0 and MG Gouf)! It’s my first kit with obvious Chinese Culture involved!

G – Do you have some inspiration for your creations?

D – YES for sure! Yet, I would say inspiration coming from all circumstances in my daily life, what I see/hear/meet commonly. I just point out two crucial factors here.

First, I am particularly interested in Titanium Finish Version (often be sold as a Limited Item in Gunpla Expo, inducing me to think that shinny surface is “rare” and “grand”). It explains why most of my kits are painted in metallic colour!

Second, the Chinese Culture in HK, gold colour is used in traditional temples/decorations; symbols of mythological beasts are all around restaurant/facilities! And now you know why my kits are usually related to “Legend”!

G – After you have finished snap-fitting a model, from where do you start to mod it?

D – I would say, I can’t really tell. No preference, just follow my heart! Yet, many people know that I mod the head in the last stage! To be frank, I regard the head as the “soul”/ “spirit” of a work! With such importance, I mod it very carefully with all other parts modified, to check if it matches the whole body!

G – What do you think about Gunpla in all the World? modelers, attitude, modelers behavior etc..

D – Gunpla is FREEDOM!! And so do all modelers around the World! Everyone is an unique entity with own personality and background. Indeed I can’t specifically indicate ones’ behavior! World changes day by day and we get no limitation! And I do share a belief, Gunpla and modelers are moving forward and forward! I urge all of YOU here, as a modeler, just show the World the Art of Gunpla (Model Kits)!

G – What do you think about GBWC Event?

D – WELL! GBWC is a part of my life, I dare to say! The contest was be with me since 2006 (GBWC since 2011, its former name as BAKAC->BAKUC)! GBWC definitely is a platform to broaden one’s horizon! At least I know, the World is full of POSSIBILITIES! Watching the entries around the world is a kind of enjoyment; receiving comments from modelers is a kind of improvement; building great brotherhoods/friendships between modelers is just TOO AWESOME!

Here, I am specially thankful to all HK Grand Champions (since 1999), and all World Grand Champions (since 2003). Their kits just amazed me a lot, SPEECHLESS! Also, I make the wish all the best to all Representatives in GBWC 2014 FINAL, and Brother Ifan Cusianto (with his family Blublek Studio)! You all gave me wonderful moments in my life! KEEP IN TOUCH!

G – Please some advices for modelers that wanna start building a gunpla for the very first time!

D – JUST DO IT! The greatest model is the one built from YOUR hands! Sometimes we hesitate a lot, just have brainstorm in mind without action! And indeed once you build the first one, you know better what you desire next time! If you don’t really know which series fits you the most, just try MG! The scale and details are just too Outstanding for the beginners! (Caution: You would be addicted LOL)
Always remember, Building is a kind of Enjoyment! It’s a way to relieve your pressure; a journey to identify your identity; a platform to create your style! Again, JUST DO IT!

G – Have you a Website/Blog to show your Works?

D – Oh YES! My personal website at www.modelattempt.com ! All my works at Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/DickyMATaiHosGallery ! Some modeling related topics and my daily life at Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/modelattempt ! And OFCOZ my personal Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DickyMATaiHo , please add me whenever you want! It’s great to meet YOU!

G – Future Projects?

D – LOL! Next Ver. MA is coming “soon”, but I keep the detail as “secret” at the time being! Please see my Facebook (Page) for the announcement! XD And OFCOZ, as I said when I was interviewed by the Media in HK recently, I wish to combine Modeling and Voluntary Work together, as a platform to transfer LOVE and CARING to anyone applicable (more detail would be explained at the home page at my personal website at www.modelattempt.com)!

I am really thankful to Gunjap for interviewing me!
Gunjap is always somewhere I get references for my works. And I would like to thank my Mum, Dad, modeling master and relatives/friends for this opportunity. Also my home Immaculte Heart of Mary College, where teachers and friends always give me support in building Gunpla during the years!
Finally, OFCOZ Mr. Kawaguchi, the GRAND MASTER who inspires the most! Thanks ALL!

G – Many Thanks to Dicky MA Tai Ho !!!