iOS / Android “Gundam Breaker Mobile” service start from today! In-game item present! FULL ENG INFO, LINKS


iOS / Android “Gundam Breaker Mobile” service start from today!  In-game item present! FULL ENG INFO, LINKS

The smartphone game application “Gundam Breaker Mobile” for Bandai Namco Entertainment Co., Ltd. for iOS / Android was launched today from Wednesday, July 31.



What is “Gundam Breaker Mobile”

The Gundam game series “Gundam Breaker” with the motif of Gunpla has become a smartphone app game.  Besides being able to easily make Gunpla Custom with smartphone anytime and anywhere, you can enjoy various Gunpla Action Battle with simple operation unique to smartphone.

Combine your favorite parts to create only one “I Gunpura” in the world.



Download it here!

▼ App Store

▼ Google Play



Cumulative number of pre-registered registrations surpassed 700,000 & distributed pre-registration campaign rewards!

The total number of pre-registrations has surpassed 700,000, and the rewards for breaking through 300,000 “Gundam”, “Wing Gundam”, “Amuro Rei” and “Hiro Yui” are presented to all in-app users  Be done.  In addition, with the feeling of gratitude, “Full set of enhanced items” and “Hello chip 1,500” will be distributed additionally, so get it by all means.

Gundam Breaker Mobile

Delivery platform: App Store, Google Play

Genre: Gunpla Custom & Battle on smartphone

Delivery start date: Scheduled for delivery in summer 2019

Selling price: Free download, partial charge

Delivery area: Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, North America and others

Supported languages: Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, English


App Store

Google Play