Program for developing engineers for Zeonic Corporation! Scholarship program “Zeonic Dreams” with “ZEONIC TECHNICS” grants started! FULL ENG INFO / LINKS / IMAGES


Program for developing engineers for Zeonic Corporation!  Scholarship program “Zeonic Dreams” with “ZEONIC TECHNICS” grants started! FULL ENG INFO / LINKS / IMAGES

With the teaching material “ZEONIC TECHNICS” where you can learn the basics of robotics and the concept of programming while actually experiencing MS development of Zeonic, “Zeonic Dream” campaign has started to recruit scholars from July 31 (Wednesday) today.  .


“ZEONIC TECHNICS” is a learning course where you can learn the basics of robotics and the concepts of programming while experiencing the technology of the manufacturer company “Zeonic ” appearing in “Mobile Suit Gundam”.

At any time you like, you can learn at your own place and the material text reproduces the image in the play as much as possible.  Using a learning kit with the motif of “Zaku”, it is a teaching material kit that gives you the experience of creating a mobile suit as a member of “Zeonic”.


In the “Zeonic Dream” campaign, we encourage the development of motivated people who want to learn the basics of robotics and programming that have been cultivated by Zeonic, and are looking for scholars who can study this course free of charge.

How to apply, follow the “ZEONIC TECHNICS” official Twitter, and add a pre-defined hashtag with “Enthusiasm for taking this course”.  We will select and certify the content of the tweets, and a total of six students will receive the scholarship program, so don’t miss this opportunity.

“ZEONIC TECHNICS” official site


“Zeonic  Dream” Campaign

Opening period

Wednesday, July 31, 2019-Sunday, August 18, 23: 59

Application qualification (one meeting the following two)

1 Those 13 years of age or older living in Japan

2) Who can tweet “What do you learn in” ZEONIC TECHNICS “and what do you want to achieve?”

Application method

Follow “ZEONIC TECHNICS” Official Twitter

Along with the hashtags “# Zeonic  Technics Scholars” and “# Zeonic  Dream”, “What do you want to learn and achieve with” ZEONIC TECHNICS “?

Contents of benefit

After the screening and examination of the tweets, “6 ZENONIC TECHNICS” will be provided free of charge to 6 authorized persons.

Winning announcement

You will be notified by the winner’s direct message by the end of August 2019

If you are given the opportunity to attend ZEONIC TECHNICS free of charge again, you will be asked to submit the text “What do you want to learn?” And “What do you want to accomplish?”  Also, please submit a product review.




“ZEONIC TECHNICS” is a proud philosophy transmitted to Zeonic .

The special program for cultivating engineers, developed under the name, is “ZEONIC TECHNICS”.

It is possible to learn the basics of robotics and the concepts of programming that lead to MS development.

Through this training program, I hope you will experience the road to MS developers as a first step.


Let’s assemble a mobile suit that really moves!

The biped robot kit will be equipped with a gyro sensor and an objective (distance) sensor in addition to 17 servomotors.  By building up while stepping up by parts, you can learn the structure of the robot and get a deeper learning in the textbooks and task programs.


The kit is assembled in 4 stages, and the operation of the robot can be checked at each stage.  By installing a dedicated application on your smartphone or tablet, you can control the created robot with a controller or program.  In addition, full-scale programming learning is also planned to be provided, such as aiming to clear original motion settings and simulated missions.

The reservation of the 1st term student of this learning course starts in October finally!

On the “ZEONIC TECHNICS” official site, an e-mail magazine that delivers various information is being distributed.

In the e-mail magazine, as well as the latest information, special planning information and coupons that can be received at the time of purchase will also be distributed, so let’s register by all means.

In addition, in “ZEONIC TECHNICS” official Twitter, in addition to “Zeonic Dream” campaign, we are delivering development progress and reports by Zeonic  employees in real time.  Check out the unique tweets you can enjoy.


In addition, “ZEONIC TECHNICS” will be decided on “Maker Faire Tokyo 2019” which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight on August 3rd (Sat) and 4th (Sun)!  The material kit provided will be on display, so let’s take this opportunity to visit.  Please see “ZEONIC TECHNICS” official Twitter for more details.



ZE “ZEONIC TECHNICS” Official Twitter

登録“ZEONIC TECHNICS” mail magazine registration is here!



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