New MS girl by Mika Akitaka! Yatate Bunko “MIKA AKITAKA’S MS Girl NOTE” The 43rd issue!

“Gundam Magnet Coating Ver. [Design]”! 第四十三回:RXー78-2 ガンダム マグネットコーティングVer.【デザイン編】

The 43rd series of “MIKA AKITAKA’S MS Girl NOTE” was released today on Thursday, April 9, at the website “Yatate Bunko” operated by Sunrise.

“MS Girl NOTE” is a series of illustrations of a new “MS Girl” created by mechanical designer Mika Akitaka.

In the 43rd edition, “RX-78-2 Gundam Magnet Coating Ver. [Design Edition]” was published.  There is a chat field by MS Nana-chan who wants to know anything and Mr. Aki, so let’s check it out.

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Yatate Bunko is a website operated by animation production company Sunrise that provides a variety of content, including original novels and manga, to the world.
From the Gundam series, “Anaheim Laboratory Log” and “MIKA AKITAKA’S MS Girl NOTE” are being serialized.
In addition, Fuma bear’s “Furefure! Better Man ~ “and so on.