“MS Illustrated Gundam” released today! All Gundam color settings & illustrations lineup too. Full eng info

「MS図鑑 ガンダム」本日発売!

The MS magazine “MS Encyclopedia Gundam” will be released today by Futabasha at bookstores nationwide on Tuesday, April 14th.

In this book, which is a “large encyclopedia of the clan with the RX-78 model number”, the transition of the significance of “RX-78 Gundam” and what is “RX-78 Gundam”?  Commentary.  In addition, the color setting & illustration lineup of All Gundam, “Gundams of the One Year War” are also introduced, and aircraft from the Cosmic Century 0079 to 0080, 0083 and beyond are also introduced.

In addition, the truth of “Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt” Gundam and “RX-78 Gundam” “Prototype” have been verified.

When you drop in at a bookstore, be sure to pick it up.

MS picture book Gundam

Release date: Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Price: 1,800 yen (excluding tax)

ISBN: 978-4-575-46521-1

Size: A4

A large encyclopedia of the clan with the model number of the MS magazine RX-78


RX-78 Gundam See the history of its existence

What is the RX-78 Gundam !?

All Gundam color setting & illustration lineup

Part.I Gundams of the One Year War U.C.0079-U.C.0080

Aircraft commentary

Part.II Gundams of the One Year War U.C. 0083

Gundams of Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt

Verification RX-78 Gundam “Prototype” Truth


MSの博物誌「MS図鑑 ガンダム」が、本日414日(火)に、双葉社より全国の書店にて発売される。




MS図鑑 ガンダム





MSの博物誌 RX-78の形式番号を持った一族たちの大図鑑


RX-78ガンダム その存在意義の変遷を見る


・オールガンダム カラー設定&イラストラインアップ

Part.I 一年戦争のガンダムたち U.C.0079U.C.0080


Part.II 一年戦争のガンダムたち U.C.0083


・検証 RX-78ガンダム「試作品」の真実