STAY AT HOME Enjoy at home! “Full-scale Unicorn Gundam Statue Coloring Campaign” is now on sale! Three people will be given a 10,000 yen shopping voucher by lottery!

On the official site of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, the “Full-scale Unicorn Gundam Statue Coloring Campaign” is being held.


This campaign is to post a complete illustration of the “life-size Unicorn Gundam statue coloring book” posted on the official website in cool colors with a free idea and attach it to Instagram with “# Diver City Tokyo Plaza” …..

Three people will be given a 10,000 yen voucher for use at Diver City Tokyo Plaza by lottery, so be sure to apply.  The download period is until May 31st (Sun).

Diver City Tokyo Plaza is currently closed temporarily to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, but after the resumption of business, a coloring book will be exhibited inside the building.  Keep the completed coloring book at home.

For more details, please see the official website of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza.

STAY AT HOME Enjoy at home Overview of “Full-scale Unicorn Gundam Statue Coloring Campaign”

[Click here to download the coloring book]

[Downloadable period]

Until Sunday, May 31, 2020

Everyone’s free idea to color the life-sized Unicorn Gundam statue and DiverCity Tokyo Plaza with cool colors.

■ Instagram Posting Campaign 

Holding period: Wednesday, April 29, 2020-Monday, August 31st, 2020

Let’s post the completed coloring book to “# Diver City Tokyo Plaza” on Instagram!

A 10,000 yen shopping voucher that can be used at Diversity Tokyo Plaza will be presented to three people by lottery.

Announcements will be returned with a direct message to the winners (scheduled for late September).

Notes on posting

■ Everyone’s work is open to the public at Diver City Tokyo Plaza!

After the resumption of business, we plan to exhibit your work in the DiverCity Tokyo Plaza building.  The method of participation will be announced later on the website.  Please keep the completed coloring book at home!

* The above contents may change suddenly depending on the situation.  Please note.

* Notes regarding posting on Instagram and posting in the building

Applicable works are limited to those created by you.

Please refrain from publishing works that violate the copyrights of characters other than the Gundam series or that violate public order and morals.

The submitted works may be posted on the facility website without notice.

In the case of notices posted in the hall, we will not return the works you have kept.  If necessary, please make a copy in advance.