1/100 MMS-01 SERPENT with two electric Gatling guns! conversion for MG Tallgeese: images, Full info

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MG 1/100 MMS-01 Serpent Garage Kit conversion for Tallgeese

Expected Release Date June 2020


Resin kit body

Serpent 1 Gatling gun set (2 sets) * Built-in electro unit (motor, LED unit, rechargeable battery purchased separately)

Metal mold 1 set

Metal joint 1 set

Assembly instructions

As an early reservation benefit, 1 set of electro unit with built-in Gatling gun

Other variations

“G522-2” MG 1/100 MMS-01 Serpent Luxury Edition

* “G522-1” All contents + 1 set of dedicated Gatling gun (2 sets of total Gatling included)

* A total of 2 sets of electro units with built-in Gatling gun as an early reservation bonus

“G522-3” MG 1/100 MMS-01 Electro Unit for Gatling for Serpent

* Motor, LED unit, rechargeable battery

“G522-4” MG 1/100 MMS-01 Serpent LED unit

* Mono eye, sight armor, calf booster LED

* Power supply is by parachute pack

“G522-5” MG 1/100 MMS-01 Serpent Dedicated Parachute Pack Garage Kit

* Parachute pack with jet LED and rechargeable battery