oojiro144’s HGUC 1/144 Prototype Kshatriya: info and full images

Review 1/144 Prototype Kshatriya custom

From the Modeler:

<Overall view>

Almost 80% of Kshatriya

Others, such as MG Qubeley and 1/550 Neue Ziel, bring the silhouette closer.

Although it’s not clear from the photo, the waist to chest area is slightly extended and fixed in an S shape to bring it closer to the stylish proportions.

<Back side>

The funnel container is arranged in a Queen Mansa style based on the Qubeley.


As for the color, white is Gaia color EX white, the main body blue & the sleeve dark blue is Vallejo.

White and blue are airbrush and sleeves are white.

I hate moving the joints and peeling off, and I think that the joint system looks good enough with black ink and a simple finish …

<Back side>

The funnel container is from MG Qubeley.  In the completed version, the holes are closed and accent decals are attached.

Work by oojiro144 (twitter account)