yamasi0628’s Remodeled MG 1/100 X-10A Freedom Ver. 2.0 PN: images wip info

MG Freedom Gundam remodeled images

From the modeler:

I started making with the intention of making Freedom that I like most and giving it as a gift.  ..

PN stands for “something”!  Lol

The neck, torso, waist, hands, legs and wings are all extended to raise the body and finish into a perfect remodeled figure.

Of course, I made a nice inverted triangle on the chest just like when I was 00-Ω!

Next, I want to train not only the pectoralis major muscles but also the muscles of the whole body.

Jojo standing style posing is the favorite that looks the coolest!  Lol

I didn’t have much time for the pedestal, so I made it easily with the materials that I prepared for about 2000 yen at the home center!

When you get to the stage, your muscles look even tighter!  !

Wiring is embedded, but expensive LED etc. are not embedded

At first, I was conscious of the Gundam frame, so I planned to make the waist area scathed.

My sister told me to make him more macho, and what I arrived at was the inverted triangle, which is also synonymous with Ver Yama.

The body before painting was like this.

I also tried using aluminum mesh and metal parts this time.

OK!  It’s finished!  Great pectoral muscles!  !

That’s all for this time.

Thank you for reading!

Work by yamasi0628 (twitter account)