Gunpla x EneKey Collaboration: video, info, Char’s Zaku gunpla

Char’s Zaku makes speed payment with ENEOS! “Gunpla x EneKey Collaboration CM” released today!
There is also a campaign where you can get ENEOS original Gunpla and more!

To commemorate the 1st anniversary of the debut of the new speed payment tool “EneKey” that can be used at ENEOS self-service stations nationwide, “Gunpla x EneKey Collaboration CM” was released today on July 28 (Tuesday).

“Gunpla x EneKey Collaboration CM” is an ENEOS self-service station floating in outer space where ENEOS collaborates with “Mobile Suit Gundam”, and Char’s Zaku makes a fictitious payment using the speed payment tool “EneKey”. Is drawn as a story.
In addition to the production of time-lapse shots using gunpla and Satoshi Araki, who produces a precise diorama, we have taken five days of detailed verification and repeated shooting. The resulting video is a high-quality and realistic WEB CM that makes me even feel, “Is there an ENEOS self-service station in outer space and mobile suits are making speed payments?” ..

Also, “Payment should always be done in two or three hands. (Battle is always read in two or three hands.)”, “I see! I can see the future!” No! I can see the enemy as well!)”, along with serifs that tributed the quotes that appear in the main part of “Mobile Suit Gundam”, and Gunzure’s Char’s Zaku is making smart payments using “EneKey”. Please check it out.

The “EneKey 1st Anniversary 10,000 Gift Campaign” will be held on Saturday, August 1st.

In the campaign, 4,000 people will receive ENEOS original Gunpla and 6,000 people will receive an Amazon gift certificate (1,000 yen worth), so don’t miss this opportunity.
Also pay attention to the behind the scenes of the carefully selected WEB CM! About shooting with Gunpla

The shooting this time is not a CG or animation, but a time-lapse shot of the gunpla, and the challenge is to reproduce the realistic movement of the mobile suit. Thorough attention was paid to the expression of small movements such as floating and presence in outer space, and a total of 5 days, 80 hours of shooting were performed.
Extensive verifications that were carried out many times to ensure the sense of distance and consistency of lighting, and “araki”, a diorama that was created by the scene master Satoshi Araki Created a super-quality Gunpla time-lapse movie.

EneKey 1st Anniversary 10,000 people present campaign!
To celebrate the 1st anniversary of EneKey, we will hold a campaign to win a gift for 10,000 people from Saturday, August 1st.
ENEOS Original Gunpla will be given to 4,000 people and Amazon Gift Certificate (1,000 yen) will be given to 6,000 people by lottery at the ENEOS service station for those who used gasoline and light oil with EneKey by applying from the dedicated application form To be done.

Application period
From Saturday, August 1, 2020 to Saturday, October 31, 2020

Campaign page

Winning notification
Contact winners by email. After that, it will be shipped around December.

The model of the ENEOS original Gunpla uses “HGUC 1/144 MS-06S Char’s Zaku II”.

About “EneKey”

“EneKey” is a speed payment tool for ENEOS self-service stations that can be issued in cooperation with your credit card.
The product name “EneKey” means “key” to inject energy, and it can be easily carried as one of the essential items in daily life. There is no admission fee or annual fee, and it can be used at ENEOS self-service stations nationwide.