Review HGBD:R Core Gundam II Titans Color

This is the review of HGBD Core Gundam II (Titans Color).

Core Gundam II (Titans Color) newly made into a kit in the HGBD series
The price is 1,210 yen.
Since it is a single item version of Core Gundam II that came with Euraven, the basic gimmick etc. have not changed.
It is a small gunpla and the only weapon is a spray gun, but it is possible to combine and transform it.
It is a content that can be played alone.
Of course, it can be combined with each armor, and there is also a Titans color with a completely different color scheme.
Since it can be made into a Gundam using the Planets system with an unprecedented impression, I think that it is a kit that even those who have a normal Core Gundam II can enjoy.

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