Review HGBD:R Try Slash Blade

we introduce a review of HGBD: R 1/144 Try Slash Blade.

HGBD: R Try Slash Blade is a 1/144 scale model kit of “Gundam TRYAGE Magnum” equipment “Try Slash Blade” from “Gundam Build Divers Re: RISE”. In addition to being able to transform into a characteristic cloak state and a large sword state, it comes with a beam effect and a grip for HG general-purpose handles. It is possible to customize and upgrade the gunpla in combination with the HG series. The price is 880 yen (tax included).

two types of armament can be reproduced, equipping the beam cloak makes it heroic, and equipping it with the Try-slash blade makes it more aggressive, and it seems that you can enjoy it differently from the normal kit. It’s lighter than I expected, so the hand parts don’t come apart and I was able to pose relatively easily.
It may not fit with a muddy gunpla such as HGUC’s ground battle type, so it seems better to combine it with another kit such as HGCE in terms of design. I think it goes particularly well with the HGBD (: R) series, so why not expand the range of each kit or combine it with your favorite style as an item for scene production.

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