HGUC 1/144 Gyawayne Custom

Beautiful Mixing Build: HGUC 1/144 Gyawayne. Images, full info

From the Modeler:

I tried to custom with my favorite Gyan by mixing.

front. Gyan slot is used for the upper body, and Gyan Krieger is used for the arms and lower body. The shield uses Sinanju Stein (Narrative ver). After that, I extended the waist and increased the volume with putty to adjust the overall balance.

back. The cloak parts are made from Gyan slot at the base, and the rest are made from junk parts and plastic vans.

For the head, the Gyan slot is downsized and made into a favorite face with plastic vans and junk parts. The mono-eye cross slot is gone, but I’m personally satisfied

In addition to the front and back movement of the cloak on the back, the tail wings can be deployed.

Work by ろぼ3