Review HGUC Silver Bullet Suppressor Clear Color

This is a Review for Limited HGUC Silver Bullet Suppressor Clear Color

HG Silver Bullet Suppressor [Clear Color] is a clear color version 1/144 scale model kit of MS “Silver Bullet Suppressor” that appears in “Mobile Suit Gundam NT”. This item was sold to commemorate the GUNPLA EXPO TOKYO 2020, and is a special specification kit that uses a clear molding color for the entire body. The price is 2,970 yen (tax included).

The heavy form based on Silver Bullet (Doven Wolf), the unique backpack for arm replacement, etc., the shape of the suppressor’s body is still unique and cool. In addition to that, the clear black molding color gives a tighter impression, and it has a glossy feel that is different from the regular version and looks very good.

There aren’t many points to worry about, but the hand parts are relatively easy to come apart and the joints are a little weak, so if they deteriorate over time, it will be difficult to pose and stress will come out. Please note that the replacement arm is also easy to come off from the upper arm.

I feel a little cheap in the clear white and clear gray parts, but I am happy that it emits light with black light, and I think that the metallic blue of the joints also stands out mechanically. It would be nice if the suppressor design had a clear black exterior that made it feel indescribably attractive.

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