Ex-s Gundam (Artifact Series) painted built

Gundam Artifact Series: Ex-s Gundam painted build. Images, info

From the Modeler:

I painted all Ex-S Gundam from Shokugan Gundam Artifact.
Gundam Artifact released on January 25th.
It is a 450 yen plastic kit.
A runner that consists of about 60 parts and gives a glimpse of full-scale modeling that makes heavy use of slide molding.
By assembling this, you can make an elaborate finished product that does not seem to be 450 yen.

Since small parts such as weapons, fists and thrusters are separate parts, simplification of the shape and lightening are not noticeable.

* Rather than saying, there are no lightening holes other than the soles of the feet.

The contents can be selected by the machine name at the top of the box, but the molding color is random.
There are two types, pale orange reminiscent of a garage kit and clear red, which is a rare color.
If it is pale orange, just decorating it as it is
like a garage kit

If it’s clear red, you can use metallic or fluorescent paint to make the mold shine.

You can enjoy various ways such as spraying metallic colors.

Since the parts are finely divided, most of the parts can be complemented by simply painting each part in a rough color.

This time I drew a clear red one, so I painted it in silver to erase the transparency and then painted it with an airbrush.
After painting the entire color, paint separately with a face-to-face brush.
First, paint the borders of different colors

Fill the remaining center.
The more you apply over these thin areas, the easier it is to make mistakes, so use a darker paint to color them in one shot.

When applying a paint with low hiding power such as yellow, apply white roughly.

Assists color development by painting the favorite color.
If the paint squeezes out, cover the squeezed out paint with more paint and fill it.
Finally, blow a matte finish to deceive fine brush unevenness, and you’re done.
This time, as a plastic model play, deep striker-like coloring.
It’s hard to do the color change play that comes to mind with a plastic model that costs thousands of yen, but you can feel free to try it with a 450 yen kit.

Work by 永遠の蒼
aka: sioagisoluto on Twitter