Gundam Artifact Super Gundam remodeled

Gundam Artifact Series: マッドさん’s Amazing remodeling work. FXA-05D+RX-178 Super Gundam. A lot of images, full wip too, info and credits

From the Modeler:

Candy Toy’s Gundam Artifact 4th Super Gundam is made into Gundam Mk-2, production of G-Defenser capsule boat, transformation gimmick, combination gimmick, equipment for Mk-2 (rifle, bazooka, shield, Vulcan) pod), and hand parts (gripping hands, open hands, rifles, and hands equipped with hand grips for bazooka).

Painting is by brush painting with Citadel colors. The violets are painted with enamel (a mixture of black and dark gray) after applying a water-based top coat. The sensors are covered with rappy tape. The eyes are also pasted, but due to the face renovation, they are too deep and it’s hard to shine.

I tried using a white G Defenser. The capsule boat (made with Epo putty and plastic board) is attached and detached using neodymium. The long rifle is also connected using neodymium and staples at the end of the sub-arm.

Amazing Work by マッドさん
Aka: MADxkyo on X ( ex Twitter)