METAL ROBOT Spirits (Ka signature) Ζ Gundam: video, new images, full info

METAL ROBOT Spirits (Ka signature) Ζ Gundam, promotion video released by Nobuo Tobita, voice actor of Kamille Bidan. Images, info too

In June 2021, “METAL ROBOT Spirits (Ka signature) Ζ Gundam” will be on sale

Introducing the variable specification Z Gundam that uses die casting in a size of about 140 mm in the Ka signature series completely supervised by Mr. Hajime Katoki!

The main character “Z Gundam” of “Mobile Suit Z Gundam” is now available from Ka signature! Equipped with proportions arranged by Mr. Hajime Katoki and a transformation gimmick to a wave rider. Die-casting is used for a part of each joint to achieve both texture and strength in addition to a feeling of weight. Landing gear parts are also included, and the parked state can be reproduced by replacing.

Product specifications
Overall height: Approximately 140 mm
Material: ABS, PVC, die-cast

Set contents
・ Main body
・ Replacement wrist left and right 4 types each
・ Two types of replacement antennas (closed / movable)
・ Hyper Mega Launcher
・ Beam rifle
・ Beam saber pattern x 2
・ Beam saber blade x 2
・ Beam saber blade (large)
・ Hyper Mega Launcher Connection Joint
・ A set of dedicated joints
・ A set of dedicated pedestals
・ A set of landing gear parts

Price: 16,500 yen (tax 10% included)
15,000 yen (excluding tax)
Release date: June 2021