600 yen HG 1/144 GM!!!

Improving a cheap HG 1/144 GM: images, info

From the Modeler:

You can buy it for about 600 yen
It’s a very reasonable kit!
Is this kit worth the price …
When I assemble it, there are a lot of seams …
Honestly, the molding color is not so cool …
The proportions aren’t very good
First, erase the joints …
Add streaks to each part
Add details with plastic board
Partially drill holes to increase the amount of details
Extend legs, hips and neck
The proportions have been improved.

painted with the airbrush
I pasted a water slide decal after painting
I put the position of the lens in the back to give a three-dimensional effect

For extension processing, cut the parts
I made a hole with a drill and reinforced it with a brass wire

Before and after (watch the pics here below)
I think it has changed a lot

Work by Kit’s Taka