MG Heavyarms Hephaistos and Behemoth custom

Custom build MG Gundam Heavyarms Hephaistos and Behemoth. Full images, info

From the Modeler:
MG XXXG-01Hp2 Hephaistos
Ground warfare specialized heavy arms Tank form
Normal form
Fully equipped
Double bazooka equipment 3D activation form
Double Gatling equipment
Beam saber equipment
Full hatch open

MG XXXG-01Ht behemoth Custom
Hephaistos Support Mobile Weapons
Self-supporting armed tank
It is also possible to fly for a short time
Coloring for desert warfare
Full hatch open
Hefistos and docked
Full hatch open 2
Acceleration with rocket booster by booster integrated with propellant tank
Tank purge form

Work by umazo