MG Lady Sazabi medieval female knight

MG Lady Sazabi, a medieval female knight: many images, full info

From the Modeler:

I imagined Sazabi as the Statue of Liberty Jeanne d’Arc
Originally, Sazabi was an image of a ferocious man, but it was remodeled into Lady Sazabi, a woman stronger than Miss Sazabi
Inspired by Delacroix’s paintings and the Liberty Leading the People.
I imagined Jeanne d’Arc and gave it a medieval knight’s armor, sword, and shield.
The pack on her back is big for women, so I tried to wave the funnel on her hair in the style of Yamata no Orochi.
She femininely refurbished her legs and put on her high heels
Feminine waist is shaped and her upper arm is also thinned using 1/144 parts
Feminine angels are flapping their wings I imagine from medieval paintings
In order to maintain proportions, i aimed to be a good woman with a slim style by using 1/144 Sazabi junk parts in various places.
Image from the female version of MG Sazabi, Milla Jovovich’s movie, Jeanne d’Arc, which is stronger than Miss Sazabi.
The extra flesh was stripped off to make eight heads, and the base color was weathered in a medieval armor style by blowing a gradation from red to white, which is the exact opposite of red.
For her head, I used Nightingale parts and various other junk parts.
After making the unmodified Sazabi, I kept warming up the concept of Lady Sazabi.
I put my hands on it little by little, and it became a MS that had a long production period within me.

Stunning work by: 中光國男
kunionakamitsu on instagram