TR-666 Gundam Woundwort mixing build

AOZ/G-Tekketsu: mixing build. HG TR-666 Gundam Woundwort. Many images, full info

From the Modeler:

AOZ series TR-6 Woundwort was mixed with iron-blooded Orphans specifications. The world view of the work does not have beam weapons etc. according to the setting of Orphans.
It took about 5 months to make it because it was a long time mixing …

TR-666 Gunpla Woundwort
A Gundam frame machine that was wrecked in battle during the war. It shows its true value by using various options and additional weapons, but it has high basic performance as an MS because the Gundam frame is used.
Equipped with a composite unit such as a propellant tank, thruster, and sensor on the waist. It also serves as a hard point for optional weapons.
I made it mainly using the AOZ series and iron-blooded kits. The characteristic part of Woundwort is used as it is, and the whole silhouette is extended so that the lower body looks bigger. I thought about the proportions so that it would look more like a rabbit.
The fixed armament of this machine is minimal with only drill knees and heel bunker. Both have extremely short effective distances, but have the power to penetrate nanolaminate armor.
I have prepared three types of melee weapons: a large shot lancer, a boosted sword, and a sword. Orphans is an image of hitting with a huge weapon.
Three types of shooting armament are available: a large railgun blade, an assault rifle, and an arm recoilless rifle. In the Orphans worldview, shooting weapons are less effective due to nanolaminate armor, but he created them with an emphasis on romance.

① Large shot lancer
A lance that exceeds the total length of this machine. In addition to being used as an assault spear like Kimaris, it can shoot the spear part.

② Boosted sword
A large sword equipped with three vernier. Furthermore, it plays the role of a tail stabilizer in the propellant tank and full armor form. A multifunctional weapon with an anchor at the tip and a sword inside.

③ Sword
A sword with a boosted sword as a scabbard. It has a sharpness that cuts off nano-laminated armor.

④ Arm recoilless rifle
Optional armament to equip the arm. The recoil is reduced by making it a fixed type.
Armed with a short barrel and a small turning radius.

⑤ Large railgun
A high-powered railgun that can break through nano-laminated armor with just a few shots. The barrel is made of high-hardness rare alloy and becomes a melee weapon by deformation.

⑥ Assault rifle
A dedicated assault rifle tuned for this machine. Slightly large thermal power is high.

All weapons can be mounted, but it seems to be overweight. Since it is an iron-blooded version of Woundwort, the weapon is based on the one that appears in Orphans.

Work by: テツ少佐
Twitter: axsiz_gunpla (this account is mentioned from the Modeler but it seems that doesn’t exists)