Review PB HG Extreme Gundam Eclipse Face

This is the P-Bandai HG Extreme Gundam (type-Leos) Eclipse Face Review

Extreme Gundam (type-Leos) Eclipse Face has been made into a kit in HG.
The price is 2,970 yen and it can be ordered by Premium Bandai.
The instruction manual is monochrome and there is no description of the MS.
Eclipse face is added to the previously released HG Extreme Gundam.
The head has been renovated to give it a more fearless look, and the body has become much cooler.
There are a lot of stickers
In particular, the carnage striker on the right shoulder is an armed weapon with a size that does not seem to be HG when deployed.
However, a considerable load is applied to the polycap on the shoulder by that amount,
Even when it wasn’t deployed, I felt that the shoulders would hang down as soon as I moved it a little, and I felt that adjustment was essential.
If possible, I would be grateful if you could repair this part as well.

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