MG Force Impulse Gundam Garage Kit

MG 1/100 ZGMF-X56S / α Force Impulse Gundam Garage Kit by YUJIAOLAND: full photo review, comparison, info

New work by YUJIAOLAND
MG 1/100 ZGMF-X56S / α Force Impulse Gundam Garage Kit
230 parts in total, MG Force Impulse Gundam frame needs to be purchased
The points to be repaired this time are as follows:
Whole body redesign
(Isn’t I the only one who misunderstood like Strike Freedom for a moment? There is a feeling of overdoing the magical remodeling)
Backpack redesign, width 32 cm, main wing can reproduce storage form, parts strength enhancement
(Although it wouldn’t be cool if everything became huge)
The characteristic deformation / combination gimmick can be faithfully reproduced even in the garage kit.
From the HI-ν modified parts, it began to deviate significantly from the original,
This time as well, without correcting the trajectory, we just added details, extended the lower body, etc.

Body + backpack garage kit
Water slide decals
instruction manual

March 22, 2021 Updated finished product example
272 parts