MG Dom Zeon’s afterglow

Custom, heavy weathered: MG Dom Zeon’s afterglow. Images, explanation

From the Modeler:

Since the original features are wonderful, I made it by focusing on the points of concern without making major repairs.
Specifically, make the shoulders that are too horny fit in a round shape so that the neck looks more buried. Raise the chest parts by 1 mm + eliminate the spacer
On the neck + stuff the cross mono eye. it’s dark.
In consideration of the withdrawal battle of mass-produced machines and the final stage of Zeon, i applied the exterior of the seams, coloring that does not depend on the period, and hard weathering.
I hope you can feel the desperation of the unnamed general soldiers.
The sand-colored parts on the right are the settings that brought the damaged parts from the junk MS.
It is a translation that smells of Zeon at the end of the period when replenishment is no longer available.
Behind it is a weapon that can only be loaded, but not something special.
This also suggests a situation where the supply line is dead and we must carry it ourselves as much as possible.
The markings are done by hand.
Hard weathering is applied while adding military elements. I think it suits Zeon’s MS

Work by: hiromadao
aka: hiroyamadath on Twitter