ROBOT Spirits RX-78F00 and Tamashii STAGE ACT.G-DOCK

This is the Review of Limited ROBOT Spirits RX-78F00 Gundam and Tamashii STAGE ACT.G-DOCK

this is a limited edition product of Gundam Factory Yokohama that has finally been opened. The RX-78F00 and Gundam Dock are sold separately, but I will introduce them together.
It is possible to reproduce the start-up experiment demonstration at GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA by exchanging a wide range of motion and wrist parts.
RX-78F00 is 3500 yen excluding tax, and Gundam Dock is 2000 yen excluding tax.
The complicated modeling of RX-78F00 is reproduced, and there are some markings.
The Vulcan is also painted yellow, but the rear sensor is not painted.
The shoulder armor has markings and metallic gray color coding, but the back has no color coding.
The elbow can be bent firmly with double joints.
There is also a white marking on the chest, and there is also a searchlight sculpture.
Despite this size, the thrusters are also finely shaped.
The waist armor is color-coded for front, back, left and right.
The waist front armor and rear armor are swingable, and the side armor is ball joint movable, so there seems to be little interference between the legs.
The legs are also color-coded for the knee recognition lights and gray parts.
The ankle guard can swing.
Includes spare antenna parts, wrist parts, beam saber, beam rifle, and shield.
The antenna is thin, so it’s nice to have a spare.
Wrist parts include left and right weapon holding wrists, left and right gun holding wrists, left and right flat wrists, right pointing wrist, and right piece wrist parts.
This is a beam saber that can be mounted on a backpack and comes with two beam blades.
It is also possible to grab the beam saber mounted on the backpack.
This is a beam rifle with a swingable scope and foregrip, and a beam effect.
The effect is the same as that of the ver.A.N.I.M.E.series.
The beam rifle can be held in both hands, and even if you hold it in one hand with an effect attached, you can hold it without being worn out.
This is a shield with a fixed grip and grip base, and joint parts are included as separate parts.
It can be mounted on the forearm, held on the wrist, or mounted on a backpack.
This is a crotch-stop type stand joint part that can be floated and displayed on the soul stage.
The design is different from the dock of Gundam Factory Yokohama, and it is an original product that can be customized by combining parts.
It is also possible to simply attach a movable strut to a pedestal with 9 joint holes, and the angle of the strut can be adjusted.
By combining the pedestal parts for expansion, it becomes a pedestal that can slide and move.

Install the maintenance deck:
It can be made into a shape similar to Gundam Factory Yokohama, but the joints are exposed, so personally, it looks like that compared to other three-dimensional objects of Gundam Factory Yokohama’s Gundam Dock.
The basic structure of the maintenance deck on each floor consists of four parts
The extension deck comes with 3 long and 1 short, and the shape of the joint is flat, so it is one step higher, but there is no modeling such as stairs.
The base of the maintenance deck can be slid and expanded.
The maintenance deck is swingable and can be moved freely.
The maintenance deck can be shortened a little by changing the joint position.
It is possible to extend it further by consolidating it in two stages.
It seems that if you purchase more than one, it will be possible to handle large MS

Since joint parts for connecting pedestals are included, you can connect if you purchase more than one.

auxiliary stand (fixed support).

The auxiliary stand can be attached by removing the lid part of the waist rear armor, and although the modeling is different from the real thing, I think that you can feel the atmosphere because it is connected by the waist.
If you use the extension pedestal and the auxiliary stand, you cannot close the maintenance deck with the normal assembly method, but if you install the maintenance deck inside the movable column, you can close it.

work manipulator.
It can be attached to the joint hole of the maintenance deck, and the base can be rotated

part for suspending the armament on the Gundam Dock.
It can be used by inserting it into the deck from above, and the left and right positions can be adjusted. The RX-78F00 can mount the beam rifle and shield, but it is not firmly fixed, it is just put on.

RX-78F00 does not have color coding on the back side, but it has good modeling and movement, there are wrist parts for reproducing the production, and there is a range of play because it is compatible with the original armament and ver. ANIME effect. I felt that the play value was high.

Since the Gundam Dock is original, I think that it is a place where tastes are different, but it is expandable, and I think that it is better to be in the dock than to decorate the RX-78F00 as it is.
I felt that it was a good item with versatility because it could be used for other Mechas.