Improved HGUC Doven Wolf

HGUC 1/144 AMX-104 Doven Wolf improved: many images, wip and close-ups, full info

HGUC Doven Wolf, ZZ version was produced.
I packed both ends of the chest, extended the abdomen, changed the proportions, and added fine details to each part to finish it.
The main paint is stone green and red pink in Gaia color, phantom gray in Gundam color, and joint gray in NAZCA color for the joints.
Cut both ends of the chest to reduce the shoulder width
The occipital antenna has been shortened, the Vulcan muzzle has been replaced with metal parts, and details have been added to each part.
Small nozzle shape change of shoulder armor.
Details are added to the back of the tail armor with a plastic plate.
The wrist is replaced with builder’s parts, and the thumb of the fist is diverted from the flat hand to give a three-dimensional effect.
A plastic plate with a mold is attached to the bottom of the thruster nozzle.
Decal work
When basic painting is completed

Work by @dagored00 (Twitter account)