HGBD:R Imitation Sazabi

Mixing build HGBD:R / HGUC Imitation Sazabi: images, info

Sazabi with Alus wearing Sazabi Armor.
First of all, Alus
I just wanted to wear one of the armor, so I just painted it without customizing it.
The purple part is painted metallic
Core docking … “Imitation Sazabi” …!
As the name suggests, it feels like a fake Sazabi.
I matched the backpack with Sinanjustein’s, because I like it
Armed Beam Halberd
Sazabi’s thing is not interesting as it is, so I made it a long one by hand
The beam blade is purple to match Alus’s
Beam rifle
I use a Sinanju Stein rifle like a backpack, because I like it
As an aside, I like Gundam, but I’m not familiar with the terms, so I can’t always give a fancy name or something, a little trouble.
Char doesn’t ride, so I don’t attach an emblem and hold it upside down.
The funnel can be moved, but basically it is ejected sideways.
Production photo ….
The hardest part was the difference in body size between Alus and Sazabi.
If you use the normal docking method, you will end up with a chinky clean Sazabi, so use the method of docking Alus’s torso as you can see by sticking it into Sazabi’s waist.
I painted it with black → silver → clear red, and applied gradation with metal violet to give the Alus feeling.

Work by カミオ
Twitter account: caim619