HGUC Jesta Cannon custom

Improved HGUC Jesta Cannon (custom paint) many images, info

It will be Jesta Cannon that I bought to make during the year-end and New Year holidays
Somehow it was completed at this time
I wanted to make it when I lined up the samples in the showcase, but he didn’t sell it easily and finally found a box at the end of the year so I bought it
I wanted to put together a white color, so this coloring
I thought it wouldn’t look good on a long rifle, so I gave it a try
I think it suits you unexpectedly
I also attached a shield as a bonus
As usual, decals are pasted
Even though it is HG, it is well-balanced and my favorite MS
I haven’t made a big detail up this time, but I used a plastic board in a lonely place.
A little up
A little detail up on the shoulder

Translated from Japanese and work by
bio: I’m a weekend gunpla-making office worker who started with the 2020 state of emergency. I’m still studying.