HGUC Gerbera Tetra Nega Remodeled

Remodeling work: HGUC AGX-04/N Gerbera Tetra Nega. Full images, info

I arranged HGUC Gerbera Tetra to make it an original work with a more Zeon-like atmosphere

In order to arrange Gerbera Tetra more like Zeon’s MS, I tried to equip it with a twin heat saber as an original element.


The following is the manufacturing process.

It is a comparison image of Gerbera Tetra in a cracked state and the finished product.
・ Addition of head antenna
・ Addition of spikes to the shoulder unit and duplication of vernier
・ Changes in proportions due to extension work of each part
・ Adoption of twin heat saber
・ Addition of details such as muscle carving and step drop
Etc. will be the main work.

Here are some excerpts of the images taken during production.

Green = Base White 1000 (C) + Sky Blue (C) → Miku Hair Shadow (G)
White = Ex-White (G)
Joint = Mechasaf Heavy (G)
Beam rifle barrel = RLM70 black green (C)
Vernier = Winnow Black (C) → Star Bright Silver (G) → Clear Blue (T)
Each part pipe = Winnow Black) (C) → Mr. Metal Color Aluminum (C)
Beam effect = Ex-white (G) → color source yellow (C)
Twin Heat Saber = Mechasaf Heavy (G) → Star Bright Silver (G) → Color Source Yellow (C) → GX Clear Orange (C)

The name Gerbera Tetra Nega comes from the coloring of the MS. If you reverse the tone of the image, it will be the original Gerbera Tetra coloring. This is based on the idea that the million formulas are the reverse of the tone of the hundred formulas of coloring.

Work by 夕夜
yuuya_gunpla on Twitter