HGUC Zaku I remodeled

HGUC Zaku I remodeled: many images, info and credits

HG Zaku I

Head → streak, face reduction, shape change, change to monoeye H eyes
Chest → 2.4 mm wide, armor added by heat press, streaks, etc.
Waist → Front and back skirt 2.4 mm wide, detail added
Shoulder → Left shoulder streak, armor added, blindfold added
Details added to the right shoulder and upper part
Arm → Forearm 1.2 mm wide, separate processing, detail added
Shield → Created by complete scratch with plastic plate
Larger backpack → plastic board
Legs → Create and add armor in various places with heat press.
Color → Base Gaia Mecha Suff Heavy with pure black
Main color → Gaia dark green is toned even darker
TOP coat → Gaia flat clear

Work by: @black57775 (Twitter)