HGBD:R ChaoSuperb Gundam ChaosCore Gundam

Mixing build HGBD:R HGGS ChaoSuperb Gundam ChaosCore Gundam: full images, info

Chaos Score Gundam
Specifications that incorporate elements based on Core Gundam II.
It took about a month for Core Chaos alone to be finely painted and repaired.
The waist is made up of 8 parts by cutting and pasting the exterior of Core Gundam II

Chaos Delta Flyer
The idea of ​​the side skirt was adopted when I was thinking about the form of the flyer

ChaoSuperb Armor
Since the armor alone became heavy in the back, I attached an arm to the front to make it balance like mobile armor.
This arm part is the last completed product after repeated fine adjustments so that it can be deformed and fit comfortably after docking.
The tip of the arm is a setting that can be changed to various options, but this time I made only two types, a claw and a drill. There are some other temporary assembly
In addition, the leg armor bee claw can be deployed. It will be deployed to the front during an assault.
* Originally, the claw attached to the arm should be able to deploy the beam claw …

Ride on!
Whenever I make Core Gundam and Armor, this is the one I wanted to do.
Then core change docking go from here

ChaoSuperb Gundam
Basically, I adjusted it to improve the balance based on the exterior of Chaos Gundam.
The backpack, foot armor, and armament use 1/100 chaos, and the ankles and sub-arms use 1/144 chaos.
By making the legs thicker and putting them on the shoulders to create an inverted triangular shape, the face and body look massive even if they are small, and the large backpack improves the overall balance.
The back view is all green! The soles of the core Gundam when docked are arranged so that they are properly included in the design. I tried to improve the details of the parts that I couldn’t understand unless I looked closely! The connection part of the pot is filled with details so that you can see it.
I like this chest-to-shoulder style when viewed from below!
The eyes cannot be seen unless they are angled this much.

It will be in the form of removing the shoulder sub-arm.
Originally I was thinking of completing it here. In this state, it will move steadily, but if the sub arm is closed, it will interfere as expected.
The sub-arm can be replaced with an arm as well as deployed as it is!
I wanted to do something like a limited change, so I designed it with a degree of freedom in the armor.

It will be a figure with a drill arm attached.
The murderous intention will be great …

It has been the first Core Gundam work, but I think I was able to put it together in my own style.

Work by Ririto