HGUC Gouf (21st CENTURY REAL TYPE Ver.) Images, info

Gouf’s Real Type Ver has been created!
Being a real type, I made it a weathering study that I had never experienced before.
I tried painting the armor, such as baldness, rust, and sand stains, but I think I was able to express it quite well for the first time.

Full view
Actually, I bought it as a memorial when I went to Gundam Base, and I honestly thought that it was a real type, but it’s cool.
I also wanted Gundam and Guncannon.

This time, as the theme of weathering, I created it with the image of “Zeon soldiers who are left behind on the earth at the end of the One Year War and continue to fight without receiving supply.”
This is a scene where we are fighting hard in the heat hawk that can no longer be reddened

Figure under check with 75mm finger vulcan
You’re always fighting with the remaining ammunition in mind …

Trump heat rod diagram
It seems that the heat rod will not be usable immediately unless it is properly maintained, but it seems that it worked miraculously.

Figure of a break while scratching the pursuit of the federal army
Next, I would like to challenge bullet holes and damage expression.

Marching toward the point where friendly forces are gathering
I heard a rumor that there is a friendly army at Kimberlite base in Africa, and it is an image that the federal army is moving so that it can not be found.

Gouf on the day before (before weathering).
It is a shiny new product just after the rollout.
At that time, I wouldn’t have expected Zeon to lose the war …

Work by: Hotimaru on Twitter