MG 1/100 Tosashin (とさしん) Hi-Zack Kai

MG 1/100 Tosashin (とさしん) Hi-Zack Kai: remodeling work. Work in progress images too, info

It’s popular on Twitter and Instagram. The illustration of とさしん is three-dimensionalized at 1/100 scale.
A mixing model that cannot be said to be based on MG Hi-Zac
I managed to get it into shape.
The color has become lighter, but is it somehow similar
There was an unusual illustration of the back, so I was able to try to make it three-dimensional.
Can you see that there are few Hi-Zac or prototypes?
The backpack is full mixing

Work by 佐藤健司:kobaruto
modeler.kobaruto on Instagram