HGIBO Gundam Flauros Zeta Custom

HGIBO 1/144 High mobility type Gundam Flauros Zeta custom: images, info

The main body is almost the same, just by raising the shoulders and narrowing the gap between the shoes. However, the color changes the impression at all. It looks like a hero, and the face is too scary
It seems to be a highly mobile type by mobilizing all the firearms that were attached. It is a profitable specification without diversion except for vernier and round mold.
It’s a similar photo, but I like the silhouette from the side. Also, aside from the fact that the numbers on the shield are reversed, the weapon is only one rifle due to the remaining parts. It seems to be tough in the iron-blooded world.
I couldn’t pull the chin, so I changed the shape a little.
One from the top. It’s overexposed. I didn’t like masking so much that I completely switched to water-based brush painting.
…joints were weak and I couldn’t pose much.
Detail up this time as well.

Work by LEDsen