HGUC Messala improved

Improved HGUC 1/144 Messala: images, work in progress, info and credits

Molding color finish, partial painting
Lightening process-Streak carving-Convex mold-Real touch marker process-Decal
Lightening putty, lightening plastic plate, corrugated plastic plate in the duct hole, orange molded color plastic plate in the yellow seal part
The variable machine gives the highest mechanical feel

The yellow part was reduced.

Temporary assembly.

Partial painting

Progress of streak carving

Completed streak carving, left in this state for several months


Convex mold added
Whenever this process is over, I wonder if it’s okay to finish it, and I struggle.

I like it because it’s simple without decals …

Decal + top coat completed

Work by Ash Lynx
@ash_0305 on Twitter