HGUC 1/144 Messala Recon Type

たくちゃん工房’s Amazing Work: HGUC 1/144 Messala Recon Type (From A.O.Z Re-boot) post containing 30 detailed photos and complete information on customization, and of course Credits to the Owner

From A.O.Z Re-boot
Messala Recon Type

Equipped with advanced stealth technology and maneuverability, the role is to infiltrate the enemy’s fortresses and bases and collect information!

“Titans Test Team” The T3 marks on the shoulders and claws are engraved instead of decals

The arms have been replaced with 1/100 Barbatos arms!

I extended the waist by about 15mm and changed the proportions to give it a stylish and powerful impression!

The extension was a part with a variable mechanism, so it was quite difficult.

Regarding the body color, which is also a characteristic in “A.O.Z Re-Boot Special issue 1”, it is explained as “a jet black coloring that further emphasizes the Titans’ symbol color, which is mainly dark blue, so-called Titans color”. Since that happened, I mixed the blue paint to recreate the jet black coloring

It was created using mechanical designer Fujioka Kenki’s coloring, proportions, and details as reference

Thank you for watching till the end

Work by たくちゃん工房
@ takuchanko_bo_ (on Twitter and YouTube)