ROBOT Spirits SIDE MS Ghost Gundam

P-Bandai ROBOT Spirits SIDE MS Ghost Gundam: many images, release date, full info

Orders for “ROBOT Spirits SIDE MS Ghost Gundam” will begin at 16:00 on August 27, 2021 at Premium Bandai’s Tamashii Web Shop.
ROBOT魂 <SIDE MS> ゴーストガンダム
Selling price 11,000 yen (tax included)
Earn points 110P
Reservation acceptance starts August 27, 2021 16:00
Delivery date Scheduled to be shipped in January 2022

Description of item
The final battle specification MS, “Ghost Gundam” with a silver coating on the whole body has been commercialized for the first time in history as a real form!
In addition to the new modeling of each part from Phantom Gundam, most of the silver armor of the whole body, which is the biggest feature, is luxuriously reproduced by painting. It is a super luxurious specification equipped with a new armament “peacock” while keeping the bold effect parts of the phantom light that covers the whole body, the transformation gimmick to Mirage Wazo.

Appearance work
Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam
Main product contents
Main body
Replacement wrist left and right 2 types each
Heat knife left and right
Rifle effect left and right
Left and right grip parts for rifles
A set of effects for peacocks
Phantom light set
A set of head parts for heat dissipation mode
Three types of replacement faces
A set of joints for MS form
A set of joints for Mirage Wazo
Main product materials PVC / ABS
Product size Overall height: Approximately 130 mm

Release date: January 2022
Price: 15,400 yen (tax included)