RG Great Zeong (original custom)

Mixing Build RG Great Zeong (original custom) G Generation: images, wip, info and credits

It will be a work reproduced to my liking using RG Zeong with reference to the game original Great Zeong that appears in the Gundam game called G Generation!

Mainly mixed with HG Kshatriya, and detailed up using junk parts and plastic boards

I attached the two large thrusters that were originally there by attaching the legs to the backpack
The following is a light armed introduction.

Arm 5-unit mega particle cannon
Zeong’s eye-catching armament has been adopted as it is, and a total of 7 mega particle cannons have been added, 3 from Kshatriya to the chest and 4 from Binder!

Sub arm
Since it is built into the binder of Kshatriya, it is adopted as it is!
A total of 12 units are installed with 2 binders
It doesn’t taste good as it is, so I processed it so that the funnel rack can be expanded to the outside of the binder
Thank you for watching until the end.
I am happy to be able to finish the MS to my liking
I also post the mixing state before painting

Work by 9LDK
@gannpuura on Twitter