RG Crimson Zeong custom

RG 1/144 Zeong Remodeling: Crimson Zeong. Images, info

Created by combining RG Zeong with MG Sazabi, SD Neo Zeong, and HG Rase two ten. I named it Crimson Zeong. The concept is to dock the MA with Perfect Zeong to increase the firepower. I increased arms in addition to legs.
Zeong has a tight surface treatment and is assembled straight except for a light detail improvement.
back. Create MA by adding parts of Neo Zeong and Sazabi based on Rase two ten
If you remove the parts, it will be a normal Zeong. After all RG is good
MA uses the parts of Rase two ten as it is except for docking on the back. The head is like Gouf with junk parts attached.
It was combined with the completion of Crimson Zeong.
It’s a weight that I can’t think of as a plastic model. It’s actually heavy
The decals are decorated with high cue parts, RB decals, and Ashita decals attached to the decals that come with Sazabi

Work by しゆう