HGUC Psycho Zeta Gundam custom

Mixing build HGUC Psycho Zeta Gundam: many images, wip too. Full info and credits

Psycho Z Gundam, a mobile armor based on Z Gundam.
I made it aiming for a feeling of intimidation like MA
There is a slight mode change with a little awareness of variable MA

First, cruise form
A form during cruising and in combat with an emphasis on defense and long-range firepower
Built-in beam cannon on the exterior of the head
The main tactic is to press the firepower from the large beam cannons on the left and right of the backpack at the bottom of the fuselage.
Two beam rifles are also suspended on the upper part of the MS (I forgot to attach the effect)

The backpack is equipped with a ring-shaped I-field barrier generator and funnel rack.

Mode change
Proximity form
The head exteriors are open, the I-field generator expands upwards, and the arm manipulator can be used, increasing the ability to respond to close combat.
The mega beam cannon at the bottom of the fuselage has the image of suppressing energy consumption around one shot and increasing the number of steps by storing the left and right auxiliary parts.

4 sword style with hidden arms is possible
The main body oscillates the beam saber from the palm

Equipped with missile launchers on the left and right hips

Back shot
I like big propellant tanks
The front skirt has a gimmick so that it faces up so that it does not interfere with the movement of the lower beam cannon.

The main kit used are
RG Limited Color Z, The O, Hyakushiki, Harute, Byarlant Custom, etc.

Initial production
I couldn’t come up with a mixing plan, and I mixed Hyakushiki, and Zeta in a messy state.

Real final
I changed various things while painting from here, I’m glad it was over …
By the way, the 30MM project started in the middle of production, so it took even more time because I increased or changed the usage ratio of those parts.
It may be a little difficult to understand in terms of planning, but I use it as it is 30MM
That was Psycho Z Gundam
When I first started making it, I didn’t think it would be such a big one, and I didn’t really feel like it would end.
Thank you for watching until the end

Work by カミオ
@caim619 on Twitter