HGUC Messer Type-F02 Commander Type review

FULL REVIEW for P-Bandai HGUC Messer Type-F02 Commander Type

Following the Messer F01 type that was sold to the general public earlier, the Messer F02 type has also been made into a kit.
The normal MS was also shipped at the same time, but this time I will introduce the commander MS.
This is an order for Premium Bandai and the price is 3,300 yen.
The package was a single color, and unlike the F01 type box, it was a box of a size often used in MG.
The instruction manual is partly in color, but there is no description of the MS.

Accessories include long beam rifle, shield, right gun holder, left flat hand, stand joint, two saber blades, etc.
Naked parts are also included.

The seals come with a foil seal that supplements the yellow part of the pipe base and the purple & pink part of the leg.

There are some surplus parts.

It is different from the F01 type, but the difference in appearance is that the lifting flare is attached to the legs.
Also, this time it is a commander machine, so there is an antenna on the head.
Since most of the parts are diverted, polycaps and ABS are not used this time, and all joints are KPS.
A huge figure that cannot be seen in 1/144 is still alive.

Lifting flares are attached to the legs to further increase the volume of the suspension.
It has a characteristic color scheme of purple and pink, but the reproducibility in this form is reasonable.
The yellow color at the base of the pipe and the purple color at the legs are not enough, but you can make up for it with a sticker.
However, it is necessary to paint small parts such as the thrusters of each part and the inside of the vernier.

Head up.
Most of them are common, but they have been changed to those with an antenna.
The yellow pipe base has a seal.
Since the antenna is thin, care must be taken when handling it.
I accidentally dropped the head on the floor while I was posing,
I ended up having to break the antenna and glue it together.

The mono eye is reproduced with a sticker without a mold.
It is also possible to remove the cover and move the mono eye.
You can also use extra parts to make the head without an antenna.

The chest has a yellow duct and other parts that are separate parts to reproduce the unique shape.
The chest block is designed to open in a V shape.
The backpack has the same cover, and the vernier unit can also swing.
The arms are the same, and spike armor is attached only to the right shoulder.
MThe spike armor is square and has no seams.
The forearm has a seam, but a new left hand is added.
There is a shield connection joint only on the left elbow.

A saber grip can be attached to the inside of the spike armor.

The waist has a structure that can be bent greatly so that the gap is not noticeable even if it is bent considerably.
The huge waist armor also has details on the back side.
The vernier inside the skirt armor is also reproduced, and the rear armor is connected by a joint arm.
However, it does not move as wide as in the play.

Comparison of legs with F01 type.
By installing the lifting flare, the shape is like a cover around the shin.
The color around the knees, shins, and armor at the base of the knees is not enough, but it can be supplemented with stickers.

The triple vernier on the legs is inside the flare.
The ankle remains the same and there is no meat removal.
Although it is a movable range, the shape of the upper body does not change, so it is the same as the F01 type.
The range of motion of the knee is narrowed due to the flare.
However, the grounding was still good.

Compared with F01 type.

The lifting flare further increases the volume of the lower body and makes it a more solid proportion.

Equip your weapon.
The armament is the same as the F01 type with a long beam rifle and a shield.
The beam rifle has a muzzle and a sensor as separate parts
Only the right hand comes with a gun handle.

This time, the left hand is newly attached, so it was easier to pose like putting your hand on the gun.

You can also use the stand joint to float it,
Depending on the angle, the stand joint may come off, so be careful.

The shield has a thick design and is attached to the forearm via a joint.
It is possible to store the saber grip on the back side
You can also choose the shield mounting position from two places.
The beam saber is a type that is often attached to MG, so it is long enough.

Partially replaced with Messer F type naked.
This is the form that appeared in the movie and was used when acquiring Ξ Gundam.
The replacement points are the right shoulder, backpack, and legs.
Spike armor is removed from the shoulder and it is symmetrical.
The backpack is also a small pack with the large vernier unit and cover removed.
The legs have no lifting flare like the F01 type.
Although the number of replacement parts is small, it is a little troublesome because it is necessary to separate the parts and transplant them.
It’s basically a simple and neat figure with the armor and options removed, but it’s still big.

The right shoulder has no spike armor.
The yellow color at the base of this pipe is also reproduced with a sticker.
The rear skirt armor will be removed and the vernier will be visible.

The backpack has been changed to a smaller one with the large vernier removed.
It is necessary to transplant vernier parts etc.

The legs have been changed to the same as the F01 type.
Some color coding can be supplemented with stickers,

Since the color of the shin is purple instead of pink, it needs to be finished with paint in order to reproduce it exactly.
The color below the knee is different, but I think this is a natural color scheme.
Of course, various weapons can be equipped even in this state.

I think there are some individual differences, but
My thing was that the joints of the torso were quite loose and I could not hold the pose if it was left as it was.
If it’s too loose, it’s easier to adjust

This is the review of HGUC Messer F02 type (commander machine).
It is basically a diversion of F01 type, but it is a kit with an antenna-equipped head, flat hands, lifting flare, etc. added.
F02 type has more volume due to lifting flare
The color of the small parts is not enough, but the characteristic color scheme was reproduced with sufficient color coding for HG.
Furthermore, this time, the F-type naked that appeared in the play can also be reproduced, so you can enjoy a simpler messer.
If you want to use the color scheme of this setting, you need to paint around the shin.
It’s nice to be able to reproduce both forms with one kit.

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