HGUC Delta Plus reconnaissance support type custom

Mixing Build HGUC Delta Plus reconnaissance support type: images, info and credits

HGUC Delta Plus, HGUC Hazen’n-thley II, HGUC Base Jabber, and HG Mechanics 1/550 Dendrobium.
It is a transportation support aircraft that has both forward transportation and escort for reconnaissance, as well as forward express and extended cruising range, and emergency counterattack and escort functions.
Corresponds to transformation because it is also used at the time of withdrawal.
Rather than strengthening Delta Plus, the expression that MS is attached as a transport aircraft operation unit + armament is more appropriate.

It’s much larger than the main body, so it seems to be awkward. If it was a support type, It should have had a long rifle.
It’s rugged, but it’s not a weapon, so it’s only an obstacle during MS.

Transport mode. The Delta Plus with boosters in the main story was cool, so that’s the starting point.
When mounting, it is the same as a normal base jabber.

Work by ちょろぺん
@chro_pla on Twitter