HGUC Gouf Custom Assault Type “Blue Demon” custom

HGUC 1/144 Gouf Custom Assault Type “Blue Demon” custom: images, full info and credits

From the Modeler:

A modified version of the Gouf Custom that specializes in high-mobility close combat. It approaches enemy with high maneuverability using its additionally equipped vernier thrusters, engages them in close combat, and reaps the harvest without fail. They will appear on the battlefield at some point, and if you encounter them, you will almost be cut down… Due to such awe and the color of the MS, it was called the “Blue Demon” by the Federation Forces and came to be feared…

Since the main focus is close combat, armor has been added in various places. The arms are equipped with retractable heat claws, which are the main weapons for close combat.

The legs are additionally equipped with large thrusters and small thrusters. Approach at high speed, kill in close combat, and leave at high speed.

Heat Claw is retractable.

As a weapon for melee combat, it is equipped with two Type-βIV heat sabers of the Gouf B type. Unlike a physical sword, when stored, only the handle remains, so it does not interfere with high-speed maneuvers.

Heat machete equipment plan
When considering the operating time and handling of the heat saber, he sometimes carries a heat machete, which is a physical sword.

The heat rod is also not the Gouf Custom’s wire type, but instead uses the Gouf B type whip type, which has more destructive power and is suitable for melee combat.

Shooting armament is equipped with a shotgun, ZUX-197 Jagdgeber. The purpose is to fire at close range to ensure reliable destruction of parts.

Work by CAWORKS_0518 (on Instagram)