GFY 1/48 RX-78F00 GUNDAM Bust Up model custom

Improved GFY 1/48 Scale RX-78F00 GUNDAM BUST UP MODEL: images, info and credits

This time, Bandai 1/48 Scale RX-78F00 GUNDAM [BUST UP MODEL] has been thoroughly renovated.
At the end of the night of April 16th, Yahoo Auction is being exhibited. Thank you
0.5mm rivet holes are made at various ends of the exterior panel to improve the details.
I made a maintenance ramp by diverting other kits and made my own ramp.
I created a test pilot maintenance crew of the same scale to represent the Gundam being maintained in the White Base.

The right place was renovated to an open hatch, and the internal mechanism including the back of the panel was reproduced.

Work by Ruyomo
ymmyl725 on Twitter
ruyomo on Instagram

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