MG Full Armor Gundam G Sky Easy custom

Mixing Build MG 1/00 Full Armor Gundam and G Sky Easy: images, info

It is a mixing of MG Katoki version Gundam and GM Sniper 2! The armor part is a machined plastic plate and putty! The shoulder gatling can be replaced with a cannon, a full armor gundam arranged by yourself!
Various weapons
Waist armor is Alex’s increased armor
Feeling seen from above
In fact, it will also be Gundam Sky!

MG’s G Armor Equipped with a double cannon of balls on the upper part of the fuselage, equipped with missile pods and napalm bullets on the wing part, it becomes Gundam Sky by docking with Full Armor Gundam

It is a Gundam sky form, it has a spare beam rifle and a machine gun built in the G armor payload.

Work by opu