MG 1/100 Sinanju longing custom

kuroxbane’s MG 1/100 Sinanju longing custom build: images, wip, full info

MG Sinanju The title of the work is “longing”. It is the setting that the man who was once a mechanic of Zeon wanted to make the last MS. I finished it with a red line on a black background. Black is used for the engraving part, Gaia Neutral Gray 5 is used for the armor, and all red lines are painted by masking.

I pasted some parts of the kit and detailed it with the usual plastic board and small streaks. Use a small amount of Neutral Gray 4 for points Vernier and additional thrusters of legs are plated silver and his rifle is black suff with a small amount of bright silver. Gray Red Gold Black are not all toned

I also added white as a point color.
Only one wing unit vernier is added

There are also some parts of Kshatriya. Fill the power mark of Barbatos’s sneak parts with putty and add it to the shoulder. I also put white on the shoulders to balance it.

The embossing of the shield is scraped off, and the emblem parts are bent by hand to create a three-dimensional effect.

Tamiya Curve Maste Gaia Neutral Gray 5 has a very interesting and glossy texture with a matte top coat
I was able to improve the ruggedness of the legs and the tightness of the lower body
By the way, the torso is extended by 4 mm I was worried about the distribution of red, but I wonder if it worked reasonably well

Work by kuroxbane