MG 1/100 Kampfer Edel custom

Mixing Build MG 1/100 Kampfer Edel: many images, full info, credits

I mixed Kampfer Schwer and also created a pedestal.

The coloring is black, gold, and red to evoke the image of a noble villain MS. The name of the MS also comes from this. The backpack has been significantly modified.

I added two accent lines to the antenna. This is an homage to the lines of the original Kampfer antenna. The emblem decals have been changed to Zeon’s. The emblem on the chest also pays homage to the original Kämpfer.

It is set to increase the number of verniers for high maneuverability and compensate for the lack of fuel with a large propellant tank.

In Kampfer’s impressive gliding condition. The Zeon emblem decal is reflected on the right propellant tank.
By making it more heavily armed and highly mobile, I added a shield in anticipation of long-term battles. The shield is directly from Calamity Gundam. The coloring and Zeon/Kokuyou decals make it look like it’s exclusive to Kampfer/Edel.
Giant Buzz has been changed to a mixture of Calamity Gundam and Sinanju’s bazooka.
The shotgun’s coloring has been changed and some parts have been added.

The pedestal was created with the Gunpla Battle System in mind. By lighting up from below, it emits light in a distinctive pattern.

I added red chips and metal parts to various places to make it look like an example from a magazine. Customized material (3D metallic seal) is used for the red tip.

This is an unassembled mixing state. When Kampfer Schwer was announced, I thought it looked similar to Sinanju, and I’ve always wanted to mix it with Sinanju. I also received a second Calamity Gundam as a prize from FTBC, so I added that to the mix as well. I also added parts such as Narrative Gundam A equipment and HG.

It’s in a safe state. If the coloring was based on white, it might have become like a friendly MS.

In order to make it stand on its own, i have placed magnets and weights in its legs.

The pedestal was created by covering the action base with a plastic plate. It looked a little lonely when it was flat, so I added some details. I didn’t know that, but the side with squares should be turned upside down…

Work by ModelerT
Aka (here below) his (Twitter) X account